"Tracy was the talk of the town because her wedding to Sebastian raved every newspaper headlines."

The couple was a perfect match in all aspects despite their religious beliefs. Tracy grew up in the city of Porthacourt and maintained a socialite lifestyle; on the other hand, Sebastian was a business guru who travelled from one city to another trying to build his business empire.

Tracy had always wanted a decent and industrious man for herself knowing fully well that a home is what she craved for. She was trendy in all fashion and could make a man bend his neck in continuous stare at her elegance. She had the looks and figure that could drop a jaw at first glance. In all, she was well mannered and decent in her approach to people.

Sebastian grew up in a world centered on business. Having completed his studies at the Harvard business school, he came back to Nigeria to head the procurement department of the family business. Travelling was always fun for him as he loved play after work.

Sebastian met Tracy during one of his play times and was taken aback with Tracy's all round package. This was what he always desired in a woman and finally he thought "i have struck GOLD." He became serious with Tracy and in less than 3 months proposed to marry her. Tracy was the talk of the town because​ her wedding to Sebastian raved every newspaper headlines. Family, friends and well wishers were held spell bound at the couple's perfect match. And this was the beginning of a "LOVE MADE IN HEAVEN."


Sebastian loved his wife so much and wished his honeymoon would never end. Tracy loved her husband and could do anything to keep him loving her. She was an understanding wife and knew how to play the role of a virtuous woman. The honeymoon ended and Sebastian had to go back to work.

Business as usual, and Sebastian was on his travelling spree once again. In many of his business trips he never ceased to bridge the communication gap with his darling wife. On his return, he would shower his wife with lots of gifts as a compensation for his absence. This went on, not until he met Ada; an old school mate and lover, in one of his business trips.

The heat of the past now became the heat of the present between Ada and Sebastian. They would fix hotel meetings on every of Sebastian's business trip, and the game became that of "love in Tokyo." Sebastian started cheating on his wife with his ex-lover.

Tracy started suspecting her husband but there was no evidence to her claims. Sebastian would spend more days on his business trip and would come back home with excuses instead of gifts. It became a burden in their home. Love became soured milk. Tracy needed to restore love back in her home. She confided in her closest of friends who advised her to take immediate action, else she would loose her home and the love of her life.

Being a socialite, Tracy knew what was trending and sought out plans to get evidence. She needed to be sure of her plans and started doing the following:

Listening​ to his phone conversations,

Listening​ to every sound around his surroundings,

Tracking​ his physical location via GPS,

She could see all call logs with names,

She could view all activity on her dashboard (call recording, all SMS on phone etc).

Tracy decided to seal it up by using the information gathered to trace her husband to the hotel he arranged with Ada to spend the night. Sebastian had called Ada and booked an exotic hotel room before his business meeting ended for the day. The place, name of the hotel, room number, etc all gathered by Tracy using her well sought out plan.

Sebastian and Ada arrived at the hotel prompt as usual and headed straight to their room. Tracy was at the venue 30 minutes before time to arrange with the hotel manager who was willing to support her on her fight to get back what is rightfully hers. A master key was given her by the manager to fulfil all doubts to the room number booked by Sebastian and Ada.

In the heat of the moment, as Sebastian and Ada were seriously at it, Tracy walked into the passage way and headed straight towards the door. Inserting the master key, she hastingly opened the door and right before her eyes, her husband was seriously pounding his ex-lover from behind. It was a shocker for Sebastian who immediately ejaculated and fainted into the arms of Ada.

Sebastian was quickly rushed to a hospital and was placed on intensive medical treatment because the shock had affected his heart. He has being in coma for the past three weeks and the doctors say his condition is critical towards recovery due to the shock received by his heart.

Ada apologised to Tracy for taking advantage of a married man just to satisfy her lust and greed. She was forgiven and never to see Sebastian who was placed under medical supervision. Tracy forgave her husband, and spent time by his bedside praying for his recovery.

Tracy will ever remain grateful to her plan in restoring her home and family.